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UKRO is committed to improving rescue standards throughout the UK. Bringing together the UKs rescue services and developing their skills to serve the public.

We welcome you to the United Kingdom Rescue Organisation website, a quality resource for all UKRO stakeholders that includes new areas to support our continual push for Education and Skill Development as part of the World Rescue Organisation

European Road Safety Charter

In 2008 the UKRO became a signatory to the European Road Safety Charter, displaying its commitment to raising rescue standards whilst seeking to improve road safety in areas of user behaviour, infrastructure and vehicle design. For further information on how you can get involved with the Charter please click the logo or contact the UKRO`s European Road Safety Team.

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National Fire and Rescue Service Trauma Conference 2015

Monday 20th April 2015- 1:04 am
The 8th National Fire & Rescue Service Trauma Conference will be held on Monday 20th April 2015 at Park Inn Hotel in Telford. This popular study day which used to be held at West Midlands Fire Service moved to join the multi-disciplinary TraumaCare conference in 2014. This year some interesting talks included how to ventilate a patient effectively; the role of patient self-extrication; whether a Plan B is always necessary; up to date burn management; and pre-hospital amputation. The cost was 50 for the whole day. In 2015, there will again be medical speakers who are national experts in their fields talking about how you as a firefighter can impact on the trauma patients managment and survival. For further information (or if there is a specific medical topic you would like to see covered) please contact caroline.leech@uhcw.nhs.uk.

Latest Challenges

To all the teams that put themselves forward to show their skills, Merseyside 2013 was the ideal venue to display why the UK Fire Service is held in such high regard around the world.

All teams across the many disciplines, showed their qualities and performed with the utmost professionalism, and maintaining the unity of firefighters from all across the UK.

Please visit the archive section for more information on Merseyside 2013.