The number of people killed on Britainís roads in 2004 was the lowest figure since records began in 1926. Yet here in 2013, we find ourselves with an increased road user rate, and an increased road death rate.

The number of fatalities on our roads has increased to over 1,900 in 2011, predominantly amongst car occupants (6%) and pedestrians (12%), this was an increase of 51 deaths against 2010.

With death rates decreasing amongst bus, coach, motorcyclists and pedal cyclists, it would appear that although incidents involving cars is on the increase, the volume of traffic is impacting more heavily against pedestrian users.

With our links into the UKís Fire & Rescue Services and the communities that they serve, the UKRO will provide education and enforcement policies which will not only drive down the number of accidents on the UKís roads, but will increase the chances of survival of anybody involved in an accident.

The proven track record of expanding extrication expertise and managing hugely successful road safety conferences means the UKRO and the UKís Fire & Rescue Services can significantly impact and influence a continued downward trend of people killed or seriously injured on our roads.