Behind the Scenes - Day 1

Day 1 - Sunday 17 August


Station Managers Dick Dawson and Seth Armstrong depart Nottinghamshire for Stirling where this year’s UKRO Extrication will take place. Planning for the event began some 18 months ago, and the two of them have already made several trips north of the border to meet with the host fire and rescue service, Central Scotland. With just a few hours to go until the first of the equipment arrives, including the 75 cars needed for the challenge itself, there are plenty of final checks to make.

With Dick at the wheel, Seth takes some last minute calls from the support crew checking up on the timetable and details for the Education Section, which will house a heavy rescue workshop, new vehicle materials workshop and hybrid vehicles workshop for competitors.   


Arrive at Stirling University, where the challenge is to be staged. Seth checks the details of the accommodation, making sure enough rooms have been booked for members of the support team who will be arriving later that evening. There`s an added pressure this year as the support team is two-down due to illness and holidays. With the accommodation sorted, Dick and Seth go to check on the car park where the four extrication pits will be - and are relieved to see the first of the cars have started to arrive.

Beneath a backdrop of stunning Scottish hills and the imposing William Wallace memorial, the setting is perfect. The 2008 Extrication Challenge is under way!

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