Behind the Scenes - Day 2

Day 2 - Monday 18 August


After an early breakfast the team assembles in the car park as the first of four portable buildings arrives. These will be used for team registration and debriefs. More cars arrive on low loaders from a local scrap yard and are lined up for preparation.

Station Manager Kev Cleary and Watch Martin Bills, both from Nottinghamshire FRS, get to work stripping the cars of any personal belongings left behind by previous owners and begin draining the cars of any leftover petrol, brake fluid and coolant. Having been part of the support crew for the past five years they know what they’re doing, and quickly fall into an easy routine. Watch Manager Tom Wheat from Greater Manchester FRS is also part of the team, and they are helped along by the expertise of Volvo’s Regional Sales Director, who takes charge of the huge plant vehicle that will move and damage the cars.


After a bright start to the day, the first of the rain arrives – a feature that, unfortunately, will be ever-present throughout the coming week!


Leaving the car preparation in the capable hands of Martin, Kev, Tom and the ‘planties’, Dick and Seth return to the hotel to do some paperwork. Dick is also put in the hot seat in a live phone interview with BBC Radio Nottingham.  


It’s a busy afternoon - with 75 cars to prepare, there’s no time to waste! This includes a car for each of the 42 teams competing and 20 for the play-offs, plus prop cars for some of the scenarios and some spares. While Martin and Kev continue stripping and draining, Tom and the plant operator begin to inflict the damage required to the cars for each scenario.

There are 13 different scenarios set by the UKRO logistics team and these are allocated at random to the teams competing. The support team painstakingly recreates the exact amount of damage to the cars for each scenario. After a 16.00hr tea-break, work continues into the night to make sure the team stays on schedule.

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