Behind the Scenes - Day 3

Day 3 – Tuesday 19 August


Despite the rain it’s another early start for the team. Dick and Seth tour the external site to make sure everything is on schedule, and check out the lecture theatre where the trauma challenge will take place. Scaffolding for the line rescue challenge is now being built and portable toilets arrive.

Throughout the morning more cars arrive for the extrication challenge and are lined up awaiting preparation, which is now a fast and efficient production line of stripping, draining and crushing!  


Equipment arrives for the trauma challenge – this includes a special cutaway car, two breathing apparatus sets, breeze blocks, a motorbike and a large wooden cross! This has been supplied by the host FRS and will be used in various scenarios in which teams of two will test their first responder knowledge and skills.


The heavens open and the team is forced to work through an almighty thunder storm! Dick and Seth take care of some of the ‘finer details’, such as checking the Dewalt equipment and granules are en route. Fencing for the pits is completed, the remainder of the portable buildings arrive and a storage container to house the equipment is in situ.

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