Behind the Scenes - Day 4

Day 4 Wednesday 20 August


After breakfast Seth takes delivery of a small plant vehicle and begins to unload the extrication equipment from the van which Watch Manager Grant Smith has driven up from Nottinghamshire. A large store of general extrication equipment, including blocks, De Walt saws, long boards, tool boxes, ratchet straps, Stabfast, first aid equipment, ropes and bolt croppers is kept in storage in Nottinghamshire and this is topped up with the latest cutting and spreading equipment supplied free of charge by the leading manufacturers. Each team is given two holdalls which they can use to carry their personal tools and equipment. Items must fit into the two bags, making it a fair contest for all those taking part.


Grant prepares the Workshop Section which includes the heavy rescue workshop and work continues on the line rescue scaffolding.

Banners are put up in the pit area, Volvo demonstration vehicles arrive and a gazebo is erected for some of the trade stands


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