Behind the Scenes - Day 6

Day 6 – Friday 22 August


Competition day! As Dick, Seth, the assesors and support team assemble near the pits, they are greeted with brilliant sunshine - after a week of relentless rain, this is a welcome sight indeed! The first of the extrication heats gets under way at 08.30hrs and it’s the start of a busy day for all those involved. Two of the four pits are in use at any one time – as two teams battle against the clock to extricate their casualty the other two pits are prepared for the next two scenarios. In the pits Tom and Martin work tirelessly to make sure the scenarios are set up in exactly the right way and within the allocated time. Watch manager Ed McGillvery and Group Manager Stewart McQueen of Strathclyde FRS are also pushed to the limit preparing the preferred cutting and spreading equipment for each of the teams.


The challenge runs like clockwork until 11.00hrs when disaster strikes! One of the four Central Scotland fire appliances being used to ferry the teams to their pits is called away on a fire call. Dick manages to keep things running by juggling the three remaining appliances until the fourth returns, but precious time has been lost. With a bit of professional team work and some tight turnarounds the team manages to regain the lost time, finishing five minutes ahead of schedule.


The teams gather in the grandstand to learn as UKRO chair Dave Webb reads out the list of the top 20 teams from the day. These will be going through to the play-offs – the complex 30 minute scenario – tomorrow.

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