2007 South Wales

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Rescue Cymru will be held on 12 - 14 July 2007

Whilst the main challenges are being featured at the Cardiff International Arena, Mary Ann Street, Cardiff, South Wales, a superb Community Safety event will be held in Cardiff Castle. A location map can be found here.

(Attention should be made to the NCP carpark. Rescue Cymru have secured a 100 spaces in which teams can park their minibuses. This is due to the very limited capacity for this type of vehicle at the hotels)

Don't miss the Opening ceremony at the Cardiff International Arena.  The results from the Challenge which will be announced at the Closing ceremony at the Cardiff City Hall. For the Rescue Cymru programme of events please click here.

With huge support from people like Nigel Mansell (read more) and backing from the Welsh Assembly as well as Fire & Rescue Services throughout the UK it aims to be the best UKRO event ever.

Rescue Cymru has two distinct components.

Challenges and Conferences

Community Safety Event

The above is to name but a few of the demonstrations during the event. Over forty other agencies/partners will be involved in the programme of activities.