2007 Rope Rescue Challenge

The 2007 UKRO Rescue Cymru event will see the launch of a fully assessed Rope Rescue Challenge.


Interested teams should visit the Challenge Documents section or click here for the Team Pack.

Should you have any questions after reading the Team Pack please contact Simon Comley at South Wales Fire & Rescue - email: s-comley@southwales-fire.gov.uk

The objective is to bring together teams of rope rescue personnel who are committed, not only to displaying their ability, but also to expanding their practical skills by learning from and teaching others involved in the same discipline.

The experiences teams will be exposed to during the event will fuel their own development and be taken back with them to enrich their Services procedures. It is necessary to study current rope rescue philosophy and techniques, search out new developments and innovative new ideas if we wish to perfect our skills.

The emphasis in the Rope Rescue Challenge is to develop and promote Best Practice. The ethos of the Challenge is not primarily to win, but to use what is learnt at these events to save those whom we serve, as well as protecting ourselves, the rescuers.

Teams will be invited to participate in the 2007 UKRO Rope Rescue Challenge to continue developing a National Rope Rescue Challenge. The challenge will be open to UK Fire & Rescue Services.

The challenge will be run in two parts. All teams attending the challenge will participate in the 1st phase and the top three scoring teams from the initial phase will progress into the 2nd phase.

Each team will be assessed, using common criteria, by a panel of three assessors.

The following areas will be assessed and all are of equal importance in the overall marking scheme;

Incident Command and Control, (Command)
Physical Rescue and General Techniques, (Technical)
Pre-Hospital care, (Medical)