Learning Symposiums

Rescue on the Clyde
will see three key learning symposiums in 2009. All teams will have the opportunity to attend the learning symposiums through nominations at the open ceremony briefing. Please do note that these symposiums have always been highly regarded and places are very demanded. Teams must ensure they arrive promptly at the symposiums to ensure they are provided the maximum amount of time.

The symposiums for 2009 will be:

Public Service Vehicles: PSV design and construction, practical hands-on and analysis of stability issues. Guidance on best practice for stability and Operational Considerations for different fuel technologies in use within PSV`s. Discussion about the big DO`s and DON`Ts when tackling PSV constructions.

Hybrid Vehicle Technologies: An update on Hybrid vehicles on Britians Roads, practical hands on and key information regarding the risks involved when tackling hybrid style vehicles, considerations of electrocution and methods of isolation.

New Vehicle Technologies: Practial hands on with material samples available for teams to take away. Teams will look at new vehicle constructions and materials. Discussion about operational considerations and risks from composite materials. An overview of whiplash injuries and analysis of smaller vehicle injury types. Casualty injury reduction technologies, airbags, seatbelts, active suspensions, driver alertness analysers and impact energy dispersal methods.