List of Assessors

UKRO ASSESSORS LIST (updated 19/09/09)

To provide consistant evaluation of firefighter performance at UKRO competitions and fireservice regional competitions, the UKRO trains and updates its assessor members. Additionally, the UKRO provides assistance directly to fire services throughout the UK so that they can train and educate their crews. The UKRO assessors consist of:

      Interior Assessors

  • Bev Cornish
  • Emma Shellard
  • Caroline Thomas
  • Louise Thompson
  • Katie Woolnough
  • Dr Lorna Workman
  • Sally Woolnough
  • Adam Skelton

  • Additionally the UKRO provides Assessors for Rope Rescues: 

  • Simon Comely Rope Rescue Lead Assessor,
  • Malcolm Cowie
  • Chris Bilby
  • John Cahill
  • Martin Kerr