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UKRO Hampshire 2010 - A GREAT SUCCESS!

To all those that attended, competed, volunteered, sponsored, exhibited and organised the UKRO Hampshire 2010, the UKRO would like to extend their thanks for what was an extremely successful event.

The weather did little to dampen the high spirits that were shown by all those at the event, and it was again a refreshing opportunity to reflect on the quality of professionals that serve within the UK`s Fire & Rescue Service.

Supported by CFOA and its extremely popular conference, the event was very well attended by most of the UK`s fire and rescue services. With an introduction from Peter Holland, Chair of CFOA, the event opened on Thursday 30th September and detailed an early Friday start where all teams would gain valuable LGV information at the compulsory workshop. This years extrication event increased the complexity of the scenarios bringing to crews heavy goods vehicles, hybrid vehicles, and the associated considerations that would be required if they were to progress to the final 20 on the Saturday.

A fully booked educational workshop was again provided this year, bringing to the UK fire service alternative techniques to overcome the difficulties regularly encountered when crews tackle modern vehicles containing composite, high strength and boronated materials. All of the workshop notes for the LGV, Hybrid vehicles, New Vehicle Technologies and Composite Materials are now available in the education section of the UKRO site.

The trauma competition again was fully attended, with an increased difficulty this year, pushing the skills of our professional rescuers to the limit.

Several teams were invited from around the world to bring their different techniques to the UK`s rescue arena, and all received a rapturous applause at the closing ceremony for their contributions. The rope rescue event saw teams battling not only against the torrential rain but also the displacing winds, but again team spirits shone through and all embraced this unique learning experience.

Speaking after the event, Hampshire’s Team leader, Watch manager Steve Barrow, said:

“It was an incredibly close fought challenge with strong efforts from all teams. A huge congratulations to the team from North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service for their consistently strong performance and I especially want to congratulate our very own medic, Jim Hutchen who came third in the Best Medic category.

“These past two days have been all about learning and sharing best practice and I believe that “Hampshire 2010” achieved this goal with every participant going home having learnt something new which will ultimately save lives in the long run.”event information at the earliest possible opportunity for teams, spectators and exhibitors alike.

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