2013 Merseyside

UKRO Merseyside 2013
UKRO Merseyside 2013UKRO Merseyside 2013UKRO Merseyside 2013UKRO Merseyside 2013UKRO Merseyside 2013

With a fully attended CFOA Conference on `Technical Response` leading up to the challenge event on the 5th and 6th July, information for professionals within the sector was keenly received.

The Albert Docks, Liverpool, has provided a superb venue for the event, with all of the participants enjoying two days of sunshine whilst they undertake a range of disciplines and education workshops:


UKRO and Merseyside FRS would like to thank all of the sponsors, managers and competitors for making the event a huge success. The project team behind the challenge have produced an event which has seen all teams attending increase their knowledge, share their experiences, and again strive to provide the best response possible to the members of the public that they serve.

All of the education material from the challenge is available on the UKRO site; please click the links above to take you directly to this year`s education packs.

To view the results for the UKRO Merseyside 2013 Event please click here