Tools List Extrication

Please find below information relating to the Approved Hand Tools, the Approved Trauma Kit, and the Equipment List

National Challenge Approved Hand Tools

National Challenge Approved Trauma Kit

National Challenge Equipment List:

The following equipment will be standard stowage on each of the four appliances provided for the UK Rescue Challenge 2015.

All teams must use this equipment.

Fire fighting
DP Extinguisher {1}

Small Gear
Hooligan Tool {1}
Ratchet Strap {2}
Glass punch {1}
Hand axe {1}
General Purpose Line {1}
Socket set + torque drivers {1}
Duct tape {2}
Seat belt cutter {1}
Bolt Croppers {1}

Tool Kit
Rubber mallet {1}
Screw driver slotted {3}
Screw driver positive-drive (star) {3}
Hacksaw & blades {1}
Set of spanners {1}
Adjustable spanner {1}
Pliers {1}
Locking Knife {1}
Impact Driver {1}

Stability Equipment
Step blocks wood {5}
Step blocks plastic {5}
Crib blocks {8}
Wedges, wood {10 (small & large)}
Wedges, plastic {5 (small & large)}
Short extension ladder (two section) {1}
Stabfast stability system (or similar)
HP Airbags (Lifting) {1}

Battery Power Saw
Reciprocating saw {1}
Spare batteries {2}

Hydraulic Rescue Tools
{1 set chosen by teams}

Protection Equipment
Tear drop - hard protection {2}
Soft protection sheet {1 set}
Salvage sheet {1}
Screen sheet {1}
Sharps covers {1 set}

Medical Equipment
Long board {1}
Medical collars {1}
Resuscitator/ O2 therapy unit + O2 cylinder {1}
Trauma bag {1}
Blanket {1}
Paratech Stabiliser (Static) {1}
Paratech VSK (Dynamic) {1}
Paratech Hydrafusion (Lifting) {1}

Please note that all of the above equipment will be stowed on the appliance in several lockers.

Team’s will provide their own dust mask, latex gloves, goggles and ear defenders as appropriate (both days)