Regional Challenges

Thinking of planning a UKRO Extrication and/or Trauma Regional Challenge, then here are some useful tips:

Additionally, the UKRO are pleased to launch the first comprehensive Regional Challenge Guidance Document.

Using previous experiences, feedback from former and existing Fire and Rescue Service (FRS) Hosts/Organisers and the relevant documentation utilised at a UKRO National Challenge level, the UKRO Regional Challenge Guidance Document has been designed to be a 'one-stop' document, ensuring that Regional Challenges are reflective of 'Best Safe Practice', the National Challenge standard, while answering the key questions when considering whether to plan such an event, including but not limited to:

The UKRO Regional Challenge Guidance Document will be a 'live' document, continuously reviewed and adjusted to reflect additional lessons learned and/or additional requests for information within a Challenge Year.

Note - New to the 2017 Challenge Year, the UKRO require notification of the date, location, size and Single Point of Contact (SPOC) for all anticipated Regional Challenges by the end of February 2017, to allow for the allocation of UKRO Assessors. Those Regional Challenges submitting this basic information after the end of February 2017 cannot be guaranteed support from the UKRO.

Many thank to all of those involved in the production of the UKRO Regional Challenge Document, particularly Louise Marritt from the UKRO Assessing Team and the 2016 UKRO Regional Challenge Hosts/Organisers.

For information relating to the reasons why such a learning experience would be of benefit to your FRS, please refer to the following UKRO Website Information - About Us, Facts and Road Safety Reports.

The UKRO looks forward to working with you during your Regional Challenge preparations.

The 2017 National Challenge will see a number of changes to its format, including restrictions on the use of ‘Team Equipment’ (Equipment that does not form part of the standard appliance inventory). Please see UKRO 2015 Challenge - Extrication Programme, CLICK HERE for further details. 
This means that Extrication Teams will be restricted to the equipment made available to them at the event, unless approved in advance by the Extrication Review Group (ERG) under the criteria for Innovation (Refer to the UKRO 2017 Challenge – Extrication Programme). 
Regional Challenge hosts should make their own assessment on whether they choose to allow the use of ‘Team Equipment’. The UKRO encourages the use of ‘Team Equipment’ at Regional Challenges, if the equipment supports the criteria for Innovation. 
Any equipment used as ‘Team Equipment’ must also be approved by the team’s FRS, supported by standard test records and the Host FRS must review the items of equipment, considering the health and safety implications of such use.
Any questions relating to this subject should be submitted to Ian Marritt - Deputy Extrication Lead,