2017 USAR Challenge



‚ÄčClosing Date for registration extended to the 16th April.

·    Aim of the challenge is to provide USAR trained teams from across the United Kingdom with the most realistic and challenging skills based scenarios, enabling them not only to compete but to exchange experiences and to create professional networks, connections and friendships.


·    Planned skills scenarios will include breaking and breeching, technical search, lifting and moving, shoring, confined space working, chainsaw and hot cutting.


·    Scenarios are to be run over two days with teams competing in all elements, being scored throughout the competition for an aggregate mark.


·    Command, technical and medical skills will be assessed with awards presented to the highest scoring competitor (including an overall team performance award).


·    Live casualty with simulated injuries will be used.


·    Teams will have access to live and realistic environments both in and around the KCOM Stadium during each scenario.


·    Equipment from modules provided through the National Capability will be provided and used by teams.


·    An education and development workshop will take place on Thursday 7th September 2017.


USAR Teams please note that all teams wishing to compete in the 2017 USAR challenge MUST register no later than the 16th April. If there is not a sufficient number of teams registered by this time the USAR challenge may need to be cancelled.

USAR 2017 - Registration Documents (please click here)