2017 Water Rescue Challenge



Water Rescue 2017

The Aim of this Challenge is to provide an opportunity for Water Rescue personnel representing their respective Fire and Rescue Services, to come together and display their skills and abilities during the two days of the challenge.

A key aspect of the Challenge is to provide an opportunity that will also allow skills and techniques to be shared between the attending teams.  This will allow each individual to work with and learn from their peers, allowing personnel the opportunity to further develop their personal and team-skills and knowledge, ensuring FRS personnel are able to utilise various rescue techniques within the Flood and Swift Water environments.    

For the first time this year, Water Rescue will be delivering a Pre-Challenge Education Workshop on Thursday 7th September at Princes Quay, Hull, beginning at 12:30.

There will be three topics within this workshop involving;

To book your team onto the event, please use the online booking system on the menu to the right of this page.

UKRO 2017 Challenge - Water Programme