UKRO Workshops


The UKRO undertakes a substantial investment towards the understanding of modern rescues in relation to PSV`s, LGV`s, Hybrids and Modern Day Road Vehicles, and is happy to provide this work to the UK Fire Service:

Within this section of the site, we will ensure that work which is produced is made available to every Fire and Rescue Training Centre in the UK, and to every operational fire fighter, so that the UK Fire Service is better prepared for the work that they undertake.

Should you have information which you feel would benefit from consideration by the UKRO please do not hesitate to contact who is on the education committee.

New documents are available on a monthly basis so please check back for updates within this section of the site:

Hybrid Vehicle Construction and Operational Considerations

Large Goods Vehicle Construction, Hazards and Operational Considerations

New Vehicle Technologies, Safety Systems and Constructions

Public Service Vehicle Constructions and Safety Considerations