Development Levels

Level One Advanced - Long term assistance including training and equipment provision
This level will see a considerable commitment from the UKRO IDP, which is likely to involve long-term planning that will be co-ordinated through a WRO/UKRO Project Manager. Likely candidates countries for this response would be low and middle income countries, possibly with low levels of rescue infrastructure and capability. Also high to moderate death and injury statistics are likely to attract this level of assistance.

Level Two Intermediate Assistance with standardisation of best practice
This category will see moderate levels of assistance being offered to the Focus Country which may consist of specifically targeted training needs such as train the trainer programs to compliment existing knowledge. Countries that are likely to fall within this category will range between medium to high income, which have a moderate to good infrastructure and or rescue capability.

Level Three Low - Assistance with challenge concept and peak body status
It is likely that this level will see limited training input and concentrate more on assistance with the establishment of a national rescue organisation and national rescue challenge which would include administrative support, assessor training etc. This level is likely to consist of countries categorised as high income, having a moderate to high level of understanding of vehicle rescue with good infrastructure and rescue capability.

In levels one and two, Focus Countries will also receive assistance with the establishment of their own national rescue organisation and rescue challenge in order to continue and develop the initial assistance provided by the IDP.