How to Obtain Support


Please read the following IDP support work, and details of how you can obtain IDP assistance.

Through the work of the IDP it is recognised that in some of the existing countries that it operates in, IDP Focus Countries, as many as 73% of those involved in road collisions die on scene, this compares sharply with countries which promote an integrated rescue systems and ensure that rescue and medical service personnel are adequately trained and resourced.

This is achieved through the provision of targeted training to existing rescue and medical crews and in some cases the lay-rescuer, establishment of national rescue organisations and the introduction of the rescue challenge concept.

The UKRO IDP, on behalf of the WRO has developed strategic alliances with organisations such as the Global Road Safety Partnership (GRSP) and the World Health Organisation (WHO). In 2004 the WRO collaborated with the WHO as part of the multi national committee tasked with the production of a Pre Hospital Trauma Care Systems guidance document. Launched on 28th June 2005 the PHTCS is now assisting low and middle income countries with the development of pre hospital care and rescue systems for dealing with RTC’s.

The GRSP has recognised the work of the IDP and the importance of the aims of the WRO which compliment its own global RTC reduction strategies. In November 2008 the GRSP welcomed the WRO as a full member based on the commitment and invites of its members such as the work of the IDP, the advances that the WRO and its regional members have made through the establishment of a recognised industry standard for vehicle rescue and care and the continuing development of the Rescue Challenge Concept and World Rescue Challenge.

Should you wish further information or feel that the IDP may be able to assist with rescue and care related to Road Traffic Collisions then please email us at making sure you include the following information:

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