IDP Germany

IDP Country Category – Low Level
WRO Membership Status – Level 1


In 2006, Germany contacted the World Rescue Organisation (WRO) to enquire about membership and the development of its rescue challenge. In order to assist the WRO asked the UKRO IDP to aid Germany’s request. Initial discussions between the IDP and Germany established areas where the IDP could provide assistance. 

In August 2006 John Hoey was appointed IDP Project Manager to Germany His work was focused on assisting German colleagues with the development of their national rescue organisation, Vereinigung zur Förderung des Deutschen Unfallrettungswesens (VFDU).  In that time John has also assisted with the training and qualification of their assessors.

At the World Rescue Challenge (WRC) in Barcelona in 2007, members of the VFDU attended the WRO’s AGM where they were recognised as level three members, later that year Germany attained level two membership of the WRO.

In 2007 and 2008, VFDU members attended the annual Assessors training event held at the Scottish Fire Service Collage where they were trained to be national and international assessors.

In 2008 Germany offered to host the 2010 WRC which was accepted by the WRO committee, following this the IDP appointed its second officer, Mick Rogers, to assist with the ongoing development of the VDFU including the Rescue Challenge Concept in Germany and preparations for the WRC.  Since John’s retirement from the service, the VFDU have hosted a very successful World Rescue Challenge held in Frankfurt Am Germany.