IDP Hungary


IDP Country Category – Low/Intermediate Level
WRO Membership Status – Level 3


In 2008 the IDP undertook initial work to identify suitable options for future collaboration with both the Hungarian Fire, Rescue and medical services. As part of this process the Global Road Safety Partnership (GRSP) was asked to assist as they were already working in Hungary and had established a local office there. Results from these initial investigations and other research proved to be encouraging, resulting in the UKRO IDP appointing Bill Denny as a project manager.

Discussions lead to the Hungarian Association of Professional Rescuers (HAPR), their aim is to coordinate, standardise and oversee the various Fire, Rescue, and Technical Rescue resources of Hungary, while establishing a method of oversight and professional growth to its individual member organisations.

As part of the process for sharing skills and knowledge, Hungary was invited to participate in the 2008 World Rescue Challenge (WRC) and to attend the World Rescue Organisation AGM. Whilst there Dr Patric Lausch accompanied by Chief Rudolf Jambric gave a presentation to the WRO committee and to the practitioners seminar as part of the IDP presentation.

The team from Hungary did exceptionally well and were recognised in achieving the best new team award at the WRC.

Next Steps

The next stage for this project will be a meeting between HAPR, GRSP and IDP to scope future work with Hungary, this will take place in the first part of 2009.