IDP Luxemburg


IDP Country Category – Low Level
WRO Membership Status – Level 2


In 2006, Luxemburg contacted the World Rescue Organisation (WRO) to enquire about membership and to seek assistance with the development of its own rescue challenge. In order to assist the WRO asked the UKRO IDP to aid Luxemburg’s request. Initial discussions between the IDP and Luxemburg took place to identify areas where the IDP could provide assistance.

At the World Rescue Challenge (WRC) in Barcelona in 2007, members of the Luxemburg Rescue Organisation (LRO) attended the WRO’s AGM where they addressed the WRO committee and were recognised as level three members. In 2008 Luxemburg attained level two membership with it announcement o host its first national challenge.

In 2008, LRO members attended the annual Assessors training event held at the Scottish Fire Service Collage where they were trained to be national and international assessors.