IDP Moldova


IDP Country Category – Low Level
WRO Membership Status – Level 3


Following a remote analysis representatives from the, UKRO IDP, World Rescue Organisation (WRO) and partner organisations visited Moldova between the 6th and 12th October 2013 to undertake a scoping visit under the banner of Fire Aid. They participated in focus group discussions with the relevant professional departments and services and observed the techniques and equipment used by the services during a staged incident scenario, video of training exercises and reviews of equipment.

The aim of the Scoping Visit within Moldova was to establish the UKRO IDP’s own key stakeholders and identify the appetite and capabilities for the creation of a Rescue Organisation and the RCC, in order to build sustainability and self-sufficiency within Moldova, in terms of initially, Road Traffic Collision (RTC) training and the delivery of a National Extrication Challenge and possible membership of the WRO.

The UKRO IDP project team met with Gary Bennett and Finlay Mackenzie of Blythswood Care at the Scottish Fire and Rescue Services National training Centre during December 2013.  From this meeting the UKRO IDP was invited to deliver training “RTC train the trainer program” as part of the Moldovan Fire Aid project.  It was also agreed that the UKRO IDP would also support Gary Bennett of Blythswood Care in the delivery Fire appliances, associated equipment and Ambulances to Moldova in September 2014.

Through further support the UKRO IDP delivered Moldova’s Inaugural extrication and trauma challenge in October 2015.  This included assessor workshops (Command, Technical, Medical and Trauma), a bespoke trauma course and specific extrication team training.

The support provided by the UKRO IDP has provided the CPESS’s development work to be recognised by the World Rescue Organisation’s AGM that was held in Portugal in October 2015 with a successful application for WRO level 3 membership.



Next Step

To establish and co-ordinate a Road safety schools project with our partners that will enable select groups of children in the UK and Moldova to share road safety experiences and ideas across international borders, helping to bring about a reduction in child casualties.

Provide advice, based upon UKRO IDP process experiences, to assist Moldova deliver their second National Extrication and Trauma Challenge in 2016 including further assessor workshops and trauma and extrication team training.

Support the inclusion of all emergency services to form part of the Moldova Rescue Challenge and highlight the key components of the Casualty Centred Approach in the context of Moldova.
Maintain communications through consultation with key stakeholders, considering their views, new information and issues, to inform any UKRO IDP decision making processes.

For further details or information contact Moldova’s IDP manager Stevie Nesbit