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IDP Russia

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In May 2006 the Global Road Safety Partnership (GRSP) contacted the WRO to request assistance, on behalf of the Sakhalin Road Safety Partnership (SRSP) with the training of Police, Fire, Medical and Rescue Personnel to assist in the project which aimed strengthen the capacity of road safety professionals operating on the crash scene on Sakhalin Island, Russia.

An initial assessment by WRO representatives was completed in Oct 2006, reviewing operational resources and capacity to attend RTC’s within the Yuzhno region of Sakhalin. Multi agency capability was also reviewed to provide further clarity of the strategic response. The recommendations from this visit led to a train the train style programme being completed in 2007. At this training event 11 instructors were identified from the Rescue Service and the Fire Service and received tuition to set skill levels suitable to achieve delivery of a stand alone instructional pack.

During 2007 equipment sourced by the UKRO was sent to Sakhalin. Due to local restrictions the equipment was not put into service until the 2008 training course.

September 2008 saw two WRO instructors travel to Sakhalin to provide an initial refresher training session, for the local instructors. Then, support delivery of two, four-day training events for Rescue and Fire Service crews. The principle aim of the course was through personal development and mentoring of those individuals undertaking the instructor’s role and through the provision of a dedicated IDP RTC training package.

Next Steps

Will see a review the training to date and of the rollout of training across the Sakhalin region in 2009. It is also hoped that Sakhalin will embark on a rescue challenge path both within their region and internationally. Interest from other Russian regions has shown promising results and it is hoped that WRO and UKRO IDP instructors along with colleagues in Sakhalin can assist with RTC skills and Rescue Challenge Development.

Meet Mark

Mark Sanderson, Station Commander, South Wales Fire & Rescue Service

Mark joined Mid Glamorgan Fire Service in 1991. In 2004 he was given the responsibility as lead instructor responsible for RTC training and formed part of the technical rescue training team. In October 2006 Mark was     appointed UKRO IDP Project Manager to Sakhalin, Russian Federation. Contact Mark






Russian Update 6/11/15


IDP Russia

Sakhalin Region

Following on from significant situational research and gap analysis the IDP delivered an initial road traffic collision operator’s course followed by an instructor (train the trainer) course for a team of EMERCOM rescue professionals from within the Sakhalin Region.  The team received further support to attend a number of world rescue challenges, further developing their skills and imbedding the ‘challenge concept’. This team of Russian instructors have led on significant road traffic development within the region.

The team developed a three year plan to host workshops and rescue challenges for firefighters in the south, central and northern areas of the island. Following this a rescue challenge for all regions was organised.

During this time the team have also been developing a strategy to improve interoperability between other agencies.


Arkhangelsk region

The IDP team have been co-ordinating with the Fire Safety Friends of Russia (FSFoR) to ascertain what assistance can be provided within the Arkhangelsk region. Chris Holgate from FSFoR has been co-ordinating on the analysis of what the IDP could provide to enhance the rescue capability in the area.

Considerable research has been carried out by Arkhangelsk officials on the request of the IDP, the aim of which is to ascertain how best to advise and support the region. To supplement this a visit to the region is being planned. Specifically a team plan to visit to research the integrated medical/rescue provision, FSFoR is exploring funding options to support visits.


Arkhangelsk August 2016 Update

My visit to Arkhangelsk as the Founding Trustee and Chairman of Fire Safety Friends Of Russia commenced in the early hours of Monday 22nd August.

The first week was devoted to updating the Arkhangelsk Region Emergency Services with current UK practice and procedures for rescuing persons trapped in road vehicles and providing initial trauma care. This involved classroom work on the issues associated with the latest generation of cars including hybrid, as well as several days of practical exercises.

Two instructors, Station Managers Jason Sharp and Mark Duffy from the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service formed a team as members of the UK Rescue Organisation who are assisting us with this project. The week was extremely successful with the Russian instructors not only being pleased with the updates but also being impressed with the method of instruction used, which they have now adopted for future training themselves. The passing on of information was not one way, Jason and Mark also leaned a few useful procedures from their Russian colleagues.

The Arkhangelsk Rescue Service Instructors started a programme of training for the Region based on the UKRO course the very next Monday.

Jason wrote on his return to the UK “Met and worked with some incredible people and feeling privileged to have spent the week with Russian brothers and sisters developing and sharing rescue skills in Arkhangelsk last week”.

During the week we were joined by two fire fighters from the USA, Chief Andrew Turcotte and Deputy Chief Stephen Sloan of Portland Fire Department, Main, for discussions exploring possible co-operation with the FSFOR project in Arkhangelsk.

By coincidence, the following week, a special event had been arranged by Arkhangelsk Region Administration to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the first arctic convoy, code named Dervish, to reach Russia during the Second World War. As a result of the work of FSFOR in the Region, I received an invitation from the Regional Governor to attend the formal events.

As well as the main events of a visit to the cemetery and the laying of wreaths at the war memorial on the Wednesday, several other activities took place. On the Tuesday I attended a magnificent and colourful Gala Concert which portrayed the history and hardships involved in delivering aid with the convoys in music, song and dance which the Princess Royal, Princess Anne attended and in which a Band of the Royal Marines took part.

After the concert, a reception by the Regional Governor during which I was fortunate to be able to meet and talk informally to our UK veterans, both Royal Navy and Merchant Service and the Royal Air Force leaning more about their experiences in those dark days in our history.

During the evening I also met Senator Victor Pavlenko, Council of the Federation, our Naval Attaché, the Canadian Deputy Defence Attaché and American Naval Attaché.

The evening before I had an unplanned, informal and enjoyable meal with the United States Embassy Consul General based in St Petersburg and his wife.

For me the visit to Arkhangelsk was not only a great success for Fire Safety Friends Of Russia with our ongoing planned 4 year project helping to develop the emergency services in the Region, but I also feel very honoured to have been invited to the Dervish 75 commemorative event with the opportunity to meet some of our surviving veterans.



Practical rescue exercise with Station Manager Jason Sharp (blue helmet) and FSFOR Russian member Denis Sebentsov (white coat) interpreting.






End of course group photo with , back row 2nd from left Stephen Sloan (USA)

5th Denis Sebentsov (FSFOR Russian member) 6th Chris Holgate.

Front row 3rd from left Jason Sharp 4th Mark Duffy.









Chris Holgate centre with Senator Victor Pavlenko left and Andrew Turcotte, Chief Officer, Portland, Main, Fire Department, USA.






Updated 19/09/2016

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