IDP Spain

IDP Country Category – Low Level
WRO Membership Status – Level 1


Following the 2003 World Rescue Challenge, Spain requested assistance to establish a national rescue organisation and challenge, later that year at the World Rescue Organisation’s (WRO) AGM it was agreed that the IDP would assist Spain.

In 2004 the Asociacion Profesional de Rescate en Accidentes de Trafico (APRAT) was established and recognised as level three members of the WRO at the 2004 World Rescue Challenge. Over the next twelve months APRAT worked towards hosting Spain’s first National Rescue Challenge in Barcelona, 2005. Following a very successful first national challenge, APRAT delivered three national challenges, 2006 in Pamplona, 2007 Elche and 2008 in Zaragoza. Also in 2007 APRAT hosted the World Rescue Challenge in Barcelona. From 2008 APRAT operated six regional challenges in Toledo, Catalonia, Valencia, Barcelona, Bilbao and Cuenca. This year Malaga will host the 2009 national challenge. APRATS achievements in developing a Spanish national organisation and challenge is a fantastic model for others to follow one that APRAT should be justifiable proud off. The IDP and the UKRO are also proud to have been associated with this fantastic project, we wish APRAT and our colleagues in Spain every success for the future.

Next Steps

In 2009 APRAT will continue its growth of the rescue challenge in Spain both at regional and national levels see As this IDP project comes to a close and APRAT moves on with the WRO to become full members, the IDP has requested Spain to assist with the development of a national rescue challenge in Portugal. This will operate in conjunction with the work of our IDP project manager, Gareth Davis (see IDP Portugal page). In addition Spain through APRAT have and will continue to assist the WRO with the development in areas of Assessor protocols and the Technical Committee.