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Road traffic injuries are a leading cause of death, killing nearly 1.2 million people each year with approximately 90% of these deaths occurring in low and middle-income countries. It is predicted, as motorisation increases, road traffic injuries will rise to become the fifth leading cause of death by 2030. Organisations such as the World Health Organisation, the Global Road Safety Partnership and many more are developing and promoting effective systems to prevent road traffic injuries.

Both the World Rescue and the United Kingdom Rescue Organisation’s, through the International Development Programme aim to contribute to reducing road traffic injuries by means of developing and promoting effective intervention capabilities in areas of need. ‘The challenge to prevent road death and injury does not end with the collision’, many lives can and are saved through effective intervention capabilities. Unfortunately the capability to provide even the most basic level of combined technical rescue and medical care does not exist in many parts of the world. It is our aim to ensure that all development work we undertake is appropriate, effective and sustainable.

The UKRO aims to continue to utilise the technical expertise of both individuals and services, prevalent throughout the UK F&RS, to assist with the development of a wide range of injury reduction strategies and initiatives, from integrated pre hospital care systems to the development of Challenge Concept Training. This approach has a dual purpose, to develop RTC capabilities in many countries around the world and to develop/enhance skills of the individuals participating in project work. This important work will not only assist in reducing road injuries, but through this action will contribute to areas outlined in the Millennium Development Goals.

A second very important area that the UKRO IDP is delivering is the production of an International Development and Aid database. It is envisaged that the database will not only provide UK Fire and Rescue Services with details of all international work being provided but will also be powerful and influential information when detailing to partner organisations the added value that the service provides in a wide variety of projects.

Our IDP team, headed up by Stevie Nesbit, are working along side our international partners to reduce the numbers of people killed or injured as a result of road traffic collisions .

CFO Steve Apter
Chair UKRO