Head of IDP

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the UKRO’s International Development Programme section. The programme, which seeks to utilise the skills of rescue professional from around the world, aims to work along side colleagues in other countries to develop rescue and care capability for dealing with the aftermath of Road Traffic Collisions.

Our aim is to promote the development of rescue infrastructure and intervention capabilities which will ensure sustainable outcomes for those we assist.

So how does it work?

Countries will be identified by means of a number of ways which includes, direct requests, referrals from our international partners, development organisations and Non Governmental Organisations.

Following the initial request research is undertaken by the IDP this consists of both remote and in country analysis. Based on findings each country will then receive an assistance category as outlined under the Development Levels. This categorisation will determine the type of assistance that will be offered and provide the IDP with an estimated projection, in years, that the project is likely to take in order to establish sustainability.

Should the project be deemed that it will progress a project Manager will be appointed to liaise between the host country and the UKRO IDP.

Once full analysis is done a report and recommendations will be made which will ensure a bespoke package to suit that country’s needs.

Depending on the recommendations the IDP has the capability to deliver some or all of the following, depending on country needs:

-    Train the Trainers Programmes
-    Key agency training
-    Assistance with policy and procedures
-    Development of a National Rescue Organisation (similar to the UKRO)
-    Development of a National Rescue Challenge
-    Rescue Challenge Concept Training
-    Assessor Training
-    Equipment Provision
-    Process Review
-    Membership of he World Rescue Organisation

Stevie Nesbit,
Director of the UKRO International Development Programme