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Meet Branko Lazovic Serbian IDP Project Coordinator

Meet Branko:
I am Branko Lazovic and I am the Project coordinator for Serbia with regards to the UKRO IDP training package. I am currently studying Theology and have also completed secondary economy school section in tourism. I have learned many useful skills whilst in my position of assistant to the Bishop, where I have served since 2001. I do volunteer work and have had many opportunities to work alongside other agency's from many nations.
My most memorable volunteer work in my career was the position of translator and advisor of French team Securite Civile 1 (member of EUCPT) during May floods in Serbia 2014. I gained valuable experience from this in both planning and deployment phases. The main task was in the region of Eastern Serbia by providing necessary help with deployment of both water pumps and water purification. This was in Serbian local municipalities of Kostolac, Pozarevac, Cuprija, Svilajnac and Smedrvska Palnka.
I completely understood that Road Traffic Collisions (RTC’s) in my country have there issues due to both Rescue service and Medical personnel not working or training together.
Thanks to UKRO IDP team, Serbia now has this and many more opportunities to improve RTC standards and reduce both deaths and injuries on our roads.
My main aim and objectives are to improve road safety and development of Rescue agency joint working to improve outcomes to victims within Serbia.

Published on Thursday, 18th August at 6:41am in International Development Programme (IDP) by Stuart Batham